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We are trendsetters for promotional products. We provide 100% attention to detail with all orders. Every order is Quality Controlled and delivered on time!

We provide 100% satisfaction.



Custom Mudflaps

Reflective and Non-Reflective 2D


Truck/Van/Car Decals

Full Wrap, Partial Wrap, Decals only also available (masked for easy install)


Temporary Fence

6’x10′ or 4’x8′



 12”, 18”, or 24” – with or without logo


Traffic Barrels

with or without logo


Snow Fence


Traffic Road Signs



Marketing & Print


Logo Design & Print




Large Format Printing

Banners and Full Board plywood signs


Invoice / Order Books


On-site Signage

Banner signs, Coroplast, Styrene etc.


Exterior Signs


Website Design and Development


Packaging Design


COVID-19 Items

Custom Brand


Promotional Products & Awards


Promotional Apparel


Sports Apparel


Hi-Vis Safety Apparel


Car, Truck, or Fleet Wrap

Partial or Full – Decals only also available (masked for easy install)

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Decorating Methods

Ready to OrdeR?

Solutions Digital Print

This is a 4 colour printing process where the logo is digitally printed onto a thin film then heat applied to the product being decorated. The Solutions product family is available in many versions which include:

  • Express Print
  • SuperTEK (which has sublimation blocking characteristics for sublimated products that tend to bleed)
  • Metallic
  • Opaque (for extreme stretch requirements)
  • and Printable Glitter decoration

Solutions Digital Print logos are ideal for decorating jackets, caps, toques, scarves, bags, soccer balls, footballs, basketballs, and for leather applications such as golf gloves.

Liquid Metal

This decoration defines the meaning of WOW when applied to a ball cap or any other textile decoration requirements.

These versatile 3-D logos:

  • Have metallic and non-metallic finishes
  • Incorporate full-colour graphics
  • Make complex shapes and individual letters

As a pressure sensitive decoration it can be applied to metal, glass or plastic; Liquid Metal can withstand the harshest of environmental outdoor conditions while preserving its luster wash after wash.


A beautiful soft PVC patch is created vis injection mold. Small runs can be produced; however, larger quantities drastically reduce cost. PVC patches can now be heat applied to all types of headwear, gold shirts, jackets, virtually any fabric products. Extreme fine detail along with 100% accurate colour matching can be achieved and difficult to decorate products can now be decorated with relative ease using our exclusive heat protection application methods.

Digital Print Vinyl Sticker

Permanent adhesive CSA approved digitally printed stickers ideal for helmets, laptops or any hard material type product.


The stamping of a logo that provides a tone on tone appearance. Debossing is typically done on leather, polyester or soft-shell material and does not require foam backing unless applied to natural materials such as cotton or wool. Most commonly used for coasters, gloves, padfolios, bag tags, jackets, golf shirts, and polyester ball caps as an off-centre decoration.


The Cadillac of 3D tone on tone decoration—-a die with hollowed out components literally raising portions of the logo by using foam fill backing to achieve a true three-dimensional presentation. Typically done on leather; however, Embossing can also be done on both synthetic and natural materials. Most commonly used to decorate jackets or shirts as well blankets with access panels to hide the foam fill.


A hybrid method the combines digital print with screen transfer to achieve that perfect replication of any logo without requiring any contour or boarder around even the finest of text. Seamless has become the standard for logo replications vis heat seal decoration techniques and is available in 3M reflective than can achieve far greater detail the CAD cut 3M.


A woven like material with pizzazz, this unique process combines the soft feel of a woven patch with the detail of a sublimated patch exclusive to Embossing Solutions in the promotional products market. Tackleknit can be heat applied or used as a peel and stick appliqué motif, available in base, satin or chevron finish. Tackleknit is perfect for team uniforms, caps, and hard to embroider items which require incredible detail that just cannot be achieved with Embroidery.

Screen Transfer

Similar to direct silk screening only the ink is applied to a paper carrier which is then heat applied onto a garment to provide a more durable bond. This decoration method also allows for a screened appearance on more difficultly to decorate items such as bags and caps.

Domed Logos

An excellent method for a cost-effective pressure-sensitive 3Ddecoraion. Products include laptops, appliances, hard case travel bags, cell phone cases, motorcycles and windows. Domed logos are a fantastic way of tagging company property such as filing cabinets and printers for identification purposes.

Embroidered Patches

Similar look to direct embroidery, without the constant irritation of the pellon backing on the skin, perfect decorations method for blankets, scarves and toques. Also available in a pressure sensitive version which allows the look of embroidery on items that cannot be embroidered directly.
Embroidered patches also allow for decoration on items such as the peaks of ball caps and act as an excellent way to cover up previous logos.

Direct Silkscreening

The applications of plastisol or water based inks onto a garment, typically a tee shirt or occasionally a jacket—-great for towels.

Woven Patches

A cost-effective way of achieving fine detail when large run decorations are required—-typical runs of 500 or more are required; however, smaller runs can be accommodated where necessary. Heat applied application is ideal for all garments especially blankets, toques, shirts, jackets and ball caps.

Soft Touch

Looking for the same look and feel of your favorite old tee shirt that you just can’t part with? Soft Touch is the answer! Soft Touch is infused into the fibers of each garment so once decorated; the touch of even the most sensitive hand can’t feel the logo. Minimum fabric content mix is 60 cotton / 40 polyester and is to be used with lighter fabrics (not to be used with black or navy, the darker the fabric the more the pantone of the logo will be affected by the colour of the garment). Soft Touch not only leaves you with an everlasting impression but is ideal for that vintage look when used on Heather tees.

Raised Silicone

Rapidly becoming a new decoration standard for retail brand recognized manufactures. Now available for all manufacturer’s products, this method of decoration has a 2-dimensional look.

Ideal for headwear and any other soft goods such as nylon bags, totes golf shirts and textile jackets. Minimum 100 logos are typically required, and lead time is approximately 15 days from artwork approval.

Lextra Flock Heat Transfers

The ultimate in velvet-like heat transfers; Lextra Transfers fill the gap between embroidery and screen printing. Decorations are usually found on shirts, shorts, hats, bags and more.

One of the official decorations used be Major League Baseball teams and the European Soccer Federation. Minimum runs of 500 pieces is required.

3D Printing

Similar to raised silicone only taking it to the next level with higher print and smoother curved edges to provide a true three-dimensional appearance —-applied to literally all wearable goods and most soft goods. Minimums are 100-200 pieces and lead time is approximately 15 days from artwork approval.

Glow in the Dark

The name says it all, a transfer that has Luminescent properties that shines bright when the lights are off.


The next step in evolution of Liquid Metal which allows for more detailed standalone components. Minimum requirements are typically 200 pieces and can only be applied to wearables that allow heat application from the underside of the product. This decoration technique has the WOW factor for even the most discerning of customers.

Sublimated Twill Patches

The marriage between two decoration techniques, twill and sublimation. This marriage creates a new exciting patch that offers incredible detail, low cost set-up, and full spot colour printing capabilities—-available with or without merrow boarders. This decoration gives an upscale look to standard print decorations and is ideal for ball caps, toques, mitts and blankets.

Other Services




HD Screen printing


Embroidered patches


Laser etching


Raised etching


Puff printing


Laser embellishment


Regular vinyl


Reflective vinyl


Heat transfer


2D vinyl




Direct to garment